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Firefly Design Services
Being Print-Aware: 1. A question of colour
Most business people these days are IT-literate to a good level, but when it comes to designing your own artwork, there are quite a few well-disguised holes that even the best DIYer – and some designe...
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Recoup Financial Solutions
Centre of Excelllence
Recoup Training Solutions in Cheshire has recently been awarded a Centre of Excellence status by Pearson.  Pearson Assured (formerly Edexcel Assured) is an independent benchmark for organisations that...
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Emma Bowman
A guide to international marketing
I’ve been fortunate to live overseas and manage marketing campaigns in different countries. As a marketer, this presents a whole set of different challenges and achievements including managing campaig...
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What is GDPR and what do I need to do?
In this blog, we highlight the basics of the impending GDPR legislation and the immediate steps that need to be taken. We will explore the impact on your communications in our next blog! GDPR (General...
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Michael-John Parkin
Nantwich Show Trade Space
We still have a small amount of outside Trade Space available to Companies who wish to Promote themselves at Nantwich Show & the International Cheese Awards  please go to the nawichshow website nantwi...
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