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It’s Not All Black and White

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This week sees the Annual Chamber Business Awards Presentation Night. No doubt it will be a great event recognising the achievements of local businesses and its people.

Those lucky enough to win a trophy will have earned their accolades and will doubtless celebrate into the early hours of Saturday.

Those who do not receive the tangible recognition on the night will still be winners by virtue of their inclusion within the list of finalists and the fact that to get this far they must be doing something right.

Perhaps the All Black Rugby Union player Sonny Bill Williams put things into perspective when he clearly demonstrated that being the best isn’t all about having a trophy on the shelf or in his case a medal round his neck when presenting his tangible reward to an enthusiastic supporter.

The publicity he gained by his actions added prestige by the bucketful to the All Blacks achievement on the pitch and in outcome rounded of a spectacular tournament in superb fashion.

Don’t get me wrong I am all in favour of recognising achievement with awards and I still treasure the two footballing trophies I gained over twenty years of playing competitively. The fact that my grandson racked up three in one night at the Cheshire Blades Award night in June does not belittle the pride I have in my own achievements.

Third party recognition is great but at the end of the day it’s how your clients see you that really matters and rather than give you a trophy or a bottle of something at Christmas, we would all rather they gave us an order. 

My trophies were hard earned as will be those presented on Friday, but just like those finalists who do not come away with an award, I know what went into those twenty years and can feel a good degree of satisfaction all the same, even if my trophy shelf, bookended by those two pieces of football memorabilia is filled with Doulton figures, Shire Horses and a dodgy glass donkey from Magaluf (1974).

Crewe Hall at Friday’s Award night will be filled with winners. These are all businesses that are on the top of their game and worthy finalists. Check them out.

If you strive to be a winner in 2016 and feel that you need funding to help get you there, then get in touch with me at the Chamber and let's talk about it.

In keeping with the precedent set by Sonny Bill I have donated one of my trophy shields to Nadeem who has now managed to wedge the wonky leg on his desk. My career, over some time ago, is now fulfilled.