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Keeping Up To Date Records At Companies House

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If you’re late telling Companies House about changes to your officer’s details, it could come at a cost.

Searches of company officers account for 47% of all public searches, but only 53% of companies notify Companies House within the legal timescale when their officer details have changed.

Filing your documentation late can affect your credit standing as this is one of the indicators to your company’s reliability. If your bottom line is being affected it makes sense to keep your documentation up to date.

You must tell Companies House about changes to your officers within 14 days of the change.

Make sure that you let Companies House know when your company officers change as soon as possible. The reliability of the UK register is part of the reason why it’s held in such high regard – making the UK one of the most trusted places in the world to do business. People want to know that the companies they’re dealing with are in good standing and keeping company information up to date is key to that.

The speed of online filing and ease of access means you can immediately update your company information as soon as decisions are made, so there’s every reason to take advantage of this. There’s a role for every company to have a positive impact on the economy by filing on time.

Companies House require information updates on a range of issues. Some examples of these are:

• Directors and company secretaries, e.g. new appointments, resignations or changes to their personal details
• Changing your company name
• Changing your registered office address
• Changing your accounting reference date
• Changes to your company’s share structure, e.g. if you issue new shares
• Details of any new mortgages it has / or mortgages it has paid off

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