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A Dane in Crewe part 14

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Since this is my last week, I will start and end this last week with a blog. 

What has to happen over the next five days is to make sure that the knowledge I have gained about Twinning and other subjects is written down so someone after me can pick up from where I left off…. “Hopefully” 

Then I have to go to Crewe Hall, which I have heard so much about, but only seen pictures of. I have been told that someone from the office will take me to see this place and between us “while we are their I am going to interview this member of staff for my assignment back home”.

I am also invited out to eat together with the staff of the south Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, we are going to eat at a place I know well because it has been the place the Danes have regularly hung out and went out for our Saturday and Sunday evening meals. Here I have learnt to appreciate Steak & Ale pie and Fish & Chips. The place I am talking about is of Course the Duke of Gloucester.  I have passed this Pub often on my way to buy another famous British dish named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, which I have eaten each day for lunch. In Denmark for lunch I would have eaten Smørrebrød our a Klapsammen.

Danish Smørrebrød - on a piece of dark rye bread with Pålæg(cold cuts) as topping

Danish Klapsammen Pålæg(cold cuts) between two pieces of dark rye bread 

And on Saturday and Sunday mornings I would have and look forward to again to eat Danish morning buns and Danish Pastry perhaps ending the day with eating a Danish Cake

Danish morning buns (Rundstykker)

Only a few out of a wide range of Danish Pastry (Wienerbrød

Othello lagkage

So Next time you see me, I will - if I eat all this - be a lot bigger than I am already, but it is difficult to say no to something that look so good. But before I go home to all this food I have to visit London and end the final five days at the Chamber, so until the last blog goodbye (farvel).

AMX Business Solutions
Danish food looks delicious. We will miss reading your blogs Claes.
Richard Weilding
Surprisingly few calories then ??
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