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A Dane in Crewe – Part 2

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On Friday the 13th I went  to an Event at the Nantwich Museum, here is exhibited the story of Nantwich, telling the story of a town that has changed from producing salt to leather work  and making clocks. The Museum also tells the story of the Battle of Nantwich.  I and the south Cheshire Chamber of Commerce was there to host the event together with the Nantwich Museum. The South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce was represented by Madeleine Abbey and Nadeem Ahmad. The event was an informal one where members of the Chamber had a cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit all very British, but everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think connections between businesses were made.

During the week I have worked more with the project about twinning to the Chambers Of Commerce in the Twinning towns to Crewe and Nantwich, and I have been in Contact with Ann Jones from CANTA (Crewe and Nantwich twinning Association) and Hannah Marr from the town Council, they have both been very helpful and forthcoming. Besides this, I have posted news and events on our Webpage, Twitter and Facebook.

I am still glad to be at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and equally happy about being in the UK.  This weekend my friends and I are going to Liverpool,  and I have learnt to look in the right direction when I cross the road so my life is not as hazardous as last week.

So until next week I will leave you with a Danish word “Farvel” meaning Goodbye.

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Nathalie Ormrod
Never been to the Nantwich museum. Sounds interesting! Well done again Claes!
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