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A Dane in Crewe - Part One

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My Name is Claes Gulliksen, I am studing Administrations economy at Bussiness academie Dania in Viborg Denmark. My last name indicates that I am of Norwegian decent on my grandfathers side of the family and my grandfather is the first in the family to be born in Denmark. Through my family I have close connections to the UK because of my grandmothers brother, he went from Denmark to the UK just after WW 2. where he served in the British army. He got married and had children who grow up to be my fathers cousins, we have seen them every time they came to Denmark to visit his mother and we have visited them in the UK several times.


Denmark is a kingdom just like the UK and we to have a Queen named Magrethe the second and a parliament with one chamber. Denmark is ruled by a cabinet selected from the parliament and for the time being the Prime Minister in Denmark is female and named Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Denmark has close relation with the United Kingdom through the royal house and business where brands like Maersk, Lurpak, Bang & Olufsen and Danish bacon is traded across the border.

What I am doing in Crewe

I am studing at Dania who have and agrement with MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) about education and since this was a chance to combine studing, internship and learning a foreign Language I said "ok". The internship will last for 3 months, where I will be working here at The south Cheshire Chamber of Commerce as an intern.

The first Week

I have been posting information on Facebook and twitter, along with news items from our own website. I was searching for the Chamber of Commerce in the Twinning towns to Crewe and Nantwich (Bischofsheim in Germany, Macon in France and Dzierżoniów in Poland.). Then I started searching on what Twinning is. What I found out will be posted on this webpage and perhaps I will put it in my next blog.

Whats My first impression of Crewe

I will say I like the town, MMU and The south Cheshire Chamber Of Commerce but the one fly in the oitment is that when I cross a street I am used to looking Left then right and not Right then left, so sometimes when I cross the street it can be hazardous because I forget that I am not in Denmark but in Crewe in the UK.

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Nathalie Ormrod
Well done Claes!
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