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It's all Downhill from Here

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It appears that thanks mainly to the efforts of the BBC we have all become hooked on the Winter Olympics.

I have found myself following events such as the Skiing Halfpipe, Short Track Speed Skating and Snowboarding Slopestyle, all of which appear to require competitors to display varying degrees of insanity.

It is a far cry from my own prowess on the white stuff which is restricted to not falling off a biscuit tin lid on the hallowed slopes of Joey the Swan in February 2012.

The TV pundits have created their own genre of catchphrases in suggesting that in winning bronze Jenny Jones had the ‘skills to pay the bills’.

5 Live listeners immediately responded with their own phrases - ‘the knowledge to make the porridge’, ‘the hutspa to use the foot spa’ and my favourite ‘the acumen to do the vacuumin’.

I think that over the coming few days we shall all become hooked on the curling events for men and women and no doubt at the first sign of winter ice we shall all be out on the pub car park sliding our hob kettles whilst brushing feverishly with the yard brush in the hope that it will stop on an improvised man hole cover duly painted red, white and blue to secure gold.

Whatever the final medal outcome for the British Team, it does look as though the TV coverage has managed to once again unite us in patriotic support for the country.

If these events have inspired you to look at your business and make you realise that you should be looking to do the business equivalent of sliding down a snow covered bannister and turning somersaults as you dismount at the bottom before landing on your feet – backwards and exiting the front door each morning, then you may need finance to achieve this. (It’s not as easy as it looks!)

We have funds available at the Chamber to support business growth and would love to hear from you.

As for myself I feel inspired enough to return to Joey the Swan at the first sign of snow. In keeping with the current trend of creating a suitable strap line for my proposed foray onto the slopes as per ‘the skills to pay the bills’, I am working on this.

Given my background I thought ‘the Banker …….' . Any thoughts?

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