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What Makes You Beautiful

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At the time of writing this piece, John McCririck is engaged in a legal battle with Channel 4 and a TV production company regarding his apparent unfair dismissal on age grounds.

Now I am not about to suggest you go round your workforce and ask them to name the members of 1 Direction and as a tiebreaker, who is Kanye West’s current girlfriend, where dependent on the answers you receive, you dispatch loyal and respected members of staff to the job centre whilst seeking replacements from failed applicants to the X Factor.

Clearly there is a balance between youth and experience that would be expected to make up any reasonable company staffing profile.

I knew a business locally where the CEO still came into work daily despite being in his nineties purely because he felt he had to be there to mediate between his three sons who ran the company day to day and who regularly fell out with each other.

The business proved very successful but I doubt if it would have achieved as much as it did without the benefit of the age range at the top of the company tree.

Perhaps the message is that in business we need a good mix of experience and ability and that by using both we can make better businesses of what we do.

It is often the younger guns who seek growth and investment and on occasions an older head can prove an invaluable stabiliser to too rapid an upturn. Similarly it can be the older heads that fight shy of change when pressed by the younger generation. The answer probably lies somewhere between the two and the best businesses arguably encourage this mix of input.

Wherever your impetus comes from, we at the Chamber have funds available to support your aims and ambitions, where we seek to support on-going sustainability for local business for generations to come.

As for myself I have done my homework and Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis are names that are etched in my memory just in case I get that tap on the shoulder from HR and I shall of course renew my subscriptions  to Heat, Hello, OK and Nuts magazines to ensure that Kim Kardashian is still on the scene.

If you haven’t got a clue who any of these people are then you may need to start looking over your shoulder! 

Madeleine Abbey
A good blog Richard, i enjoyed your reading of it earlier when we were on RedShift together.
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