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Brexit preparations

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I don’t want to go into war and peace on Brexit (as there is way too much of that going around already)

However, I just wanted to write a quick email to say that we are not idly standing by, waiting for things to happen.


I have made a few pointers below that might be of interest to you, please let me know if you have any specific questions and I will do my best to answer.



I expect most of you would already have EORI in place ? (as most will trade with countries from outside of the EU anyway)

But if not, I would recommend to look at the below link from HMRC (it’s required for importing from outside of the EU – and exporting) and is well worth having anyway


In addition if you import a significant amount from the EU then you might want to consider applying for “simplified import procedures”. They have floated the idea that this guarantee might be easier to apply than a standard deferment account. Having just done the latter, I would certainly hope so ߘ


Do you have correct paperwork in place? (currently imports from EU or exports don’t really require any paperwork)



Your paperwork should show the following:

  • Exporter

  • Importer

  • Description

  • Weight – net and gross

  • Sales value and currency

  • Incoterm – (terms of trade, i.e. prepaid or freight collect?)

  • Country of origin

  • EORI number

  • Commodity codes (if known – don’t worry if you are not sure, we can help!)  - link


We don’t know at this stage whether certain free trade agreements will roll over from EU to UK (eg Turkey, Canada, South Korea, Israel) but we are watching this. ( I assume that will come after Brexit and when trade agreements are being negotiated – what fun..!)

Anyway, if declarations are required for imports and exports between EU I can assure you that Neon Freight has some amazing partners dotted about the EU who are more than willing to assist and give advice on. (The one and only time that being a freight geek might come in handy for me down the pub!)


It could be that they would allow “pre-declarations” before arrival, or if appropriate guarantees are in place, a “post-arrival declaration” so as to keep the cargo moving etc. – watch this space however..

If you require any more attention, please do not hesistate to get in touch ! 

Thanks and regards

Ian Mallon

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Jacqui Morris
Thanks for the information Ian and the heads up. Important to anyone importing from the EU.
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