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Why use a branding agency and what exactly do they do?

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A branding agency offers a specialised service that will create, build, improve, shape and strengthen your brand (your promise to your customer). The business term “branding” involves strategical action to make your business stronger through public perception. Small, medium, and large companies all need branding. It’s how you stand out from the competition and it allows you to better connect with your customer.


At trCREATIVE, we understand that branding might mean starting from scratch and developing a brand in its entirety, or it could simply be about refreshing what you’ve already got (a rebrand) to bring your business bang up to date. Whatever you need, we’re creative and clear-headed. We think, develop and implement. We never get lost in what we do.




If you’re considering using a branding agency for your business, then you’ll want to get a handle on exactly what they do and, most importantly, what they can do for you.


As you’d expect, a good branding agency will be experienced and specialised with a professional approach when it comes to developing and supporting your brand. At trCREATIVE, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge about what your business is all about is essential before a brand strategy can even begin to get underway. This groundwork sets the foundation for the creative process, design, image, and communication.


Any branding agency worth its salt knows the importance of the logo – it’s the heartbeat that pumps the brand message around your business. Branding, of course, is not just about the logo but it is an important identification badge in business. Your website, packaging, promotional materials will integrate your logo, therefore it’s got to be great. Indeed, everything to do with your business should communicate your brand.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that a branding agency is not about a one-off quick fix. It’s about a well-thought-out process that takes into consideration your goals and objectives, your values and your brand promise, as well as thorough knowledge about how you connect and communicate with your target audience and, of course, your employees. As observes, a branding agency is like an additional department within your organisation.


A specialised branding agency will also know your market inside out and will identify your competitors. This will give insight into how other brands are doing and how your brand stands out or doesn’t, alongside the competition.




Good branding works brilliantly. Look no further than examples of some businesses that have raised their profiles and profits through highly effective branding. Fashion brand Paul Smith went from one shop in 1970 to 300 worldwide with a healthy annual turnover of 200 million. Shelter, before its rebrand, reached 80,000 service users. Fast forward 10 years with branding in place and Shelter now reaches 5 million. Other success stories include Miller Lite. It raised its market share and increased profit by over £30 million after a re-design. Amazon also reaped the rewards of a re-design. Its instantly recognisable logo has been printed over 100 billion times on packaging since the logo revamp.


Branding in Five and a Half Steps by Michael Johnson highlights the case for putting the work in before and after rebranding. He stresses the importance of data collection, stating that if an organisation collects enough data about its company pre-brand and continues to do so post-change, the brand project should see a significant boost in business: more brand awareness, more funds raised, and so on. Information about a brand does go a long way. Gathering data is one of the surest ways to clarify what is unique about a company, product, person or organisation. This invaluable knowledge contributes to overall branding effectiveness in the long-term.

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