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Nanny is putting her teeth in and preparing to bite.

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Well it looks like Nanny is putting her teeth in and preparing to bite.

Some might say that we live in too much of a Nanny State, but when compliance to the Modern Slavery Act isn't what it should be then it's only right that government should use its power to ensure we abide by the law.

The government hoped when it introduced the Modern Slavery Act that business would choose to be compliant and drive ethical growth to eradicate slavery and labour abuse. Sadly, a large percentage ignored their obligations and so the Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability, Victoria Atkins has put in her teeth and we may finally start to see the act leading the way in the world. 

Is your company Modern Slavery Act compliant. Are your supply chains free from labour exploitation and slavery? Would big business find your company ethically attractive and trustworthy enough to entrust their good name with and issue that contract?

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