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Well you might think it’s all over and it certainly is now.

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The euphoria was at least better placed than in previous campaigns and we can all roll up our England flags for at least another two years when we rejoin the emotional roller coaster once again in the European Championships in 2020.

It is probably too soon for an objective analysis but it is clear that the spirit amongst the squad has been top notch.

Perhaps in business this camaraderie is something we should all aim for.

Easy to achieve. Pay your staff at least £50K per week, let them bring their Wives And Girlfriends ( or Husbands And Boyfriends) to work and ensure a full 90 minute week.

For those business owners for whom ( unbelievably) this simple model does not fit, then you might have to consider less ambitious methods.

A good spirit in the workplace remains a prime asset for any business. Should you require finance to achieve such then talk to us at the Development Agency where we might be able to help.

I don’t say that your reasons for seeking such would best be served by mentioning 52 years of hurt or insisting corporate waistcoats are a mandatory outlay, but the ethos should be part of any strategy.

I am removing Three Lions from my I- phone music library and replacing it with   Matt Monro’s rendition of The Impossible Dream. At least until the Summer of 2020 when it will inevitably all begin again.

As Barry Norman said ‘And why not? It’s coming home , it’s coming home..........’