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Cocoa industry intends to eradicate CHILD LABOUR by 2025! Surely that is not acceptable.

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Half of all child labour in the world now takes place in Africa 72m & Asia with 62m.

Since 2012, after more than a decade of continuous decline child labour in agriculture worldwide increased from 98m to 108m. Prolonged conflicts and natural disasters followed by forced migration have pushed hundreds of thousands of children into child labour. This needs eradicating sooner than 2025. There is no legitimate reason not to.


Be warned though. They don't just work in the cocoa industry! Review the figures in this article and the regions of risk as they contain countries where the UK will turn to more and more as Brexit kicks in. 


If you are looking to do business in the areas mentioned do your due diligence and seek expert advice.

Being caught up in child labour abuse could be catastrophic to your brand and a burden you will have to carry on your shoulders for years to come and that’s a heavy burden to bear.




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