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They think it’s all over but we might need a few minutes to check

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In the seventies and eighties I was not a regular attendee at live football games and have to admit that I became used to the ‘Action Replay’ for goals and other key events in televised matches.

Having been lured into the mystical world of the Mighty Alex in the early nineties, I began experiencing ‘ARS’ (Action Replay Syndrome). Whenever there was a goal scored, usually in the wrong end, I found myself awaiting the ‘Action Replay’ if nothing else but to confirm that our boys had actually conceded a goal.

Over twenty years later, I still felt the occasional twinge of ARS last season but I have definitely now moved on.

Well at least that’s what I thought until The World Cup and the dreaded Video Assistant Referee (VAR) emerged. We now have this almost surreal experience of reviewing events from some minutes previous with the principal object of changing outcomes. Is this the end of serendipity as we know it? Dr Who would have a field day with the concept.

If you look too deeply into the ‘Sliding Doors’ (Rom Com 1998) concept, then life can become very confusing and I suspect, increasingly depressing. After ‘CO2’ shortage, ‘what if’ could become the most dreaded expression in common use today.

Hopefully VAR will be consigned to the scrap heap once the current football festival is over and we can get on with the here and now as it happens and as we and anyone we come into contact with, sees it.

Decisions in business are different thankfully, being made after considered thought and research – remember my tip in the Chamber Magazine Autumn 2017 edition – ‘Never negotiate on the telephone unless you initiate the call…..the caller will have the advantage in such negotiations by being better prepared.’

If you feel confident that your decision to grow your business is based on sound reasoning backed by a spirit of fair play and honesty and therefore not likely to be overturned by the great VAR in the sky, then why not contact us at the Development Agency if you need funding and we will happily review your business proposal and hopefully come up with the right result for you.

I can guarantee a turnaround time somewhere between the current VAR process and the debate being resolved around Geoff Hurst’s second goal in the 1966 World Cup Final. Well perhaps not that long.