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5 Reasons to be on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn growth has exploded in the last 18 months. When searching for professional services online, typical buyer behaviour involves googling and social media stalking before they’ve even lifted up the phone or pressed send on that email.

Therefore, you need to make sure your company brand and personal brand position you in the way you want to be seen. LinkedIn is the ideal platform to build both of these, and can differentiate you from your competition.

Below, we’ve listed our top 5 reasons to be on LinkedIn...

1. Build your Personal Brand

As business owners, we all want to establish our credibility, develop a relationship with our clients, and be influential, right? When it comes to LinkedIn, you have the added capacity to position yourself among the most influential people within your industry. Position yourself as the expert in your field. Give value to your audience. Help others in your network. 


2. To Support Your Business 

People ask for help & advice on LinkedIn. Helping others is helping yourself – by giving a little bit of your time, you’re building relationships and raising your company profile.


3. To Keep In Touch With Clients

LinkedIn gives you a chance to keep in touch with your clients in the gaps between phone calls, emails and face to face. Keeping up to date with that’s going on in their world shows that you care, and is a great way to amplify your messages.


4. To Win More Clients

Being vocal & active on LinkedIn gives users the chance to get to know your personality. People do business with people, and if your style appeals, they’re more likely to contact you over a competitor.


5. It’s Free Networking

Think of how much money you spend on networking events. LinkedIn has thousands of potential connections at your fingertips. You never know who will contact you.


If you’d like to develop your LinkedIn strategy further, OCJ Marketing are running some social media workshops on the 3rd July at JG Creative in Nantwich. Our first one focuses on Facebook & LinkedIn - , before we turn our attention to Instagram in the afternoon - .


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