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Hibberts solicitor helps release woodland over to the community

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The transfer of woodlands to the Plantation Wood trustees has been made possible thanks to Hibberts’ solicitor John Gibbons.

John undertook the transfer of the title deeds pro bono to help the charity – The Plantation Wood Ellesmere Group.

The Plantation is now owned by the community of Ellesmere and managed by the trustees thanks to John’s legal support.

Situated at the South East of Ellesmere, the Plantation Wood is a small patch of secondary woodland with public footpaths through including the main route from the canal, via Castle Fields to the Mere.

John Gibbons commented: “It is a delight to represent the community in such a significant asset transfer. The impact this will have on the community from improvement to wellbeing and the geographical link between the village and the canal are unquantifiable really.

“This community asset transfer is very different than the others I have been involved in such as museums, civic centres and bowling clubs.

“The praise goes to the communities that get involved to make this happen. It has a huge generational significance.”

Repairs to the plantation have already been carried out including to the steps, new handrails have also been fitted, overhanging branches have been removed and the footpaths cleared so it’s a safe environment.

John was invited to celebrate the change of the title deeds with the The Plantation Wood Ellesmere Group at the Warden’s Bungalow, in Cremorne Gardens with coffee and cake.

To find out more about the Plantation Wood project visit: and to find out what services Hibberts can offer you visit the homepage

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