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Frightened Vietnamese girl rescued from cannabis farm in the North West

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Sadly this is a true story that I have sanitised to be able to tell you about. It is very current. A few years ago a young teenage girl in Vietnam suffered the tragic loss of her parents and was taken into the care of her grandma. Sadly grandma died and she was left to look after herself. After a short passage of time she was befriended by an adult who looked after her and cared for her. Unbeknown to the girl this adult had more sinister motives and was part of a human trafficking gang. Promises of a better life and being cared for were given and the question was posed, “Would you like to go and live in Europe” Of course the girl agreed and the two set off on their journey across land. At some point on their travels the man handed the girl over to the other gang members. The young girl still oblivious to what was happening, had no choice at this point, she did as she was told and continued to trust her captors. After weeks of travel she eventually ended up on a cannabis farm in North West England. There she was forced to work long hours day after day. Due to her age and personal circumstance she didn’t realise that she had been the victim of human trafficking and was a Modern Day Slave. But what she did recognise was that the men around her were starting to become too close and pay her attention that made her feel threatened. Her concerns grew and she managed to escape from the farm and find safety. She is now safe and in the care of the National Referral Mechanism. This is a harrowing story of abuse that could have ended much more tragically had she not managed to get away. "You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know". William Wilberforce Prior to the Abolition Bill vote in 1789;