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Security Ministers commit to tackling slavery worldwide

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Intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies within the UK is challenging, add in Europe and then further afield and things become more troublesome. There are systems in place to facilitate this and it does have positive outcomes.

But the real obstacle is how do you get Private Companies to share the fact that they have been infected by organised crime and slavery?

It can be done but the information would need to be sanitised, anonymise the source of the information, build an intelligence firewall and possibly place control measures on what can be done with the intelligence.

Now that’s a challenge! But what great results if it can be implemented.
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Libre Solutions Ltd
Many companies and organisations fall victim to criminal predators who continually use the same methodology to commit crime. If companies had the facility to share intelligence it would make all industries safer places.
Jacqui Morris
Will GDPR rules affect the sharing of this information?
Libre Solutions Ltd
Hi Jacqui, the information would have to be controlled and rated very much like law enforcement do and would be subject of time limits very much like all data. As log as it is controlled in a responsible manner it would be fine.
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