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Apple Safety Services Ltd introduce a new range of general hygiene and allergen verification technologies

Apple Safety Services, in conjunction with science based technology company 3M, are excited to be introducing a new range of products that verify the effectiveness of cleaning to remove allergens. The new technologies range from high sensitivity protein swabs that detect the presence of all allergenic proteins on a surface to a sensitivity of 3µgs through to lateral flow devices that identify specific allergenic proteins from either a surface, solid product, liquid product or CIP rinse water sample. “We are focussing on the so called ‘kiss technologies’, that keep testing and analysis simple” said Apple Safety Services partner Michelle Carter. “We are probably best known for our safety training and food industry compliance work. So, the new technologies complement our product range nicely,” said Ms Carter.

Also included for the purposes of general hygiene verification are standard sensitivity protein swabs that confirm cleaning effectiveness to a sensitivity of 50µgs via a colour change at the bottom of the swab as well as surface and water ATP swabs, used in conjunction with a luminometer unit and data trending software, to confirm effective cleaning performance quantitatively and on a larger scale.

The products can be used with minimal training and can easily be integrated into company HACCP programmes, making them ideal for all food businesses. “Whether you are a large or small food manufacturer, we believe we have the right testing solutions at the right price for you. Our products are keenly priced and there is no VAT to pay” said Ms Carter. If you would like more information or would like a demonstration or to place an order, contact the team at Apple Safety Services on 01270 258403 or email their sales team at

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