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Football, Footfall and Freefall

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As the football season comes to its conclusion, it is with some relief that we are able to confirm Division 2 status for another year for the Mighty Alex. I can already hear the cries of derision from those locals who have sold their souls, Faust-like, for the delights of Premiership fare in Manchester, Liverpool or if you’re quick Stoke.

Success, however, is relative and for the Alex to finish 15th then against the background of angst supporters have suffered over the past four months, this outcome will indeed be considered as such.

Sunday’s newspaper brought matters into context where scanning the football results I was reminded that old stalwarts of the division Tranmere, Aldershot, Wrexham, Leyton Orient, Hartlepool and Halifax are now perennials in the Conference. Torquay and Chester are taking a further step down the ladder, joining the like of Stockport, Bradford, York, Darlington and Southport.

Against this backcloth, we can be grateful that, for at least another season, we shall remain in the upper echelons of the Football World.

Business too has recently seen some legendary names depart from the Premier League of retailing with Bargain Booze, Claires, Toy R’Us and Maplins failing. Carpetright, Poundland and New Look are having ongoing negotiations with creditors and banks. One name that slipped under my radar is Kleeneze which went last month – who can’t own up to the guilty pleasure of buying a used tea bag dish or humane spider trap?

We all need to move with the times. Woolworth’s were one of the first to lose out to the trend away from the High Street as being the primary point of sale. Ironic that the name was reincarnated as an on-line retailer albeit now going by the far less iconic handle of ‘Very’.

Business owners need to constantly assess their offering and how they deliver same. South Cheshire Development Agency remains a lender with an open door approach to finance. If you see a need to invest in order to ensure your business does not share the same fate as these major High Street names or indeed longstanding football clubs, then talk to us and we shall try to make you a Bournemouth rather than a Bognor; a Primark rather than a Poundland or a Bentley rather than a Reliant.

We all remember the old Accrington Stanley jokes don’t we?- Exactly. They have shown what can be done and on a remarkably thin budget.

Give us a call on 01270 445407 and whilst I would hope that you might get a half useful business discussion, I cannot say the same for any vision of optimism I may impart about the Mighty Alex’s prospects for next season.