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Bankers, Books, Brexit and Bakers

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I was reading my copy of ‘The Banker’ last week and before you ask, yes, it was a typo when I applied on line for the monthly subscription.

I intended to order ‘The Baker’ magazine.

Anyway I was interested to read that in the 10 months to April 2017 following the Brexit vote, despite headline announcements of large non EU deals, there were 728 foreign investment projects in the UK worth $28bn which was in fact 34.4% down in value terms from the 862 projects worth $42.7bn recorded in the same 10 month period a year earlier.

Indeed the fall would have been greater had it not been for an increase within these figures of over 18% in property investment from abroad up from $7.9bn to $9.9bn. Whilst this in itself possibly offers a ray of sunshine on otherwise depressing figures it is worthwhile noting that property in that period was around 20% cheaper in dollar terms following the fall in value of the £ against other major international currencies. Hence foreign investors found our marketplace very attractive.

The message remains that we do need to address Brexit issues and consider our markets now before 2019 at which stage the damage may well have been done.

There are clearly areas we cannot address until we begin to see the outcome of David Davies’ efforts in Brussels but we can work with our suppliers and our customers across the Channel to ensure we are in the best place to deal with whatever Brussels has to throw at us.

The headline investments that we have seen does not tell the full story, we need to continue to work at where we are today and where we are looking to be after March 2019.

Should you need to fund a strategic investment geared to protecting your business post Brexit then the South Cheshire Development Agency Limited is keen to help local businesses get themselves Brexit ready ahead of the current deadline.

As for my magazine subscription, I have gone on line again and ensured that my subscription is now correct. My first edition arrived on the mat this week, which was timely as I had a client looking for second hand bakery equipment. Through my newly arrived publication I rang the editorial department posted with the magazine to ask if they could direct me to a body that would cater for my requirements. They suggested the Association of Master Bakers.

Apologies but I am just off to check that subscription again.


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Keith Cutler
another fine piece of editorial from our regular contributor on what next after Brexit (or was it whats next after Bakeoff)
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