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Hemsley Limited
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Hemsley Limited · Business Support Services · Based in Middlewich
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Professional Recruitment, Training & Sales Services.
What We Do
I provide three core services -

1. Professional Recruitment Services

2. Training & Coaching in Business Development/Sales

3. Freelance Business Development/Sales

My Recruitment service is primarily focused in the Legal sector (private practice & in-house). I also work with Senior IT Leadership candidates (CIO, CTO, IT Dir) in the North West region.

My Training & Coaching service focuses on the subject of Business Development & Sales.

My Freelance Business Development/Sales services are delivered for hand-picked SME's.

For further information about any of the above subjects, feel free to ask... / 07443 548 851 /
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Hemsley Limited
Hemsley Limited
Hemsley Limited
Good advice Sharon. Thanks for posting this.
Hemsley Limited
Excellent idea...
Hemsley Limited
Congrats Jan...have a great day on Saturday...
Hemsley Limited
Lovely venue...
Hemsley Limited
I have a new contact who specialises in Commercial Photography, within the Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing industries. If anyone wants to know more about how their specialism can enhance ...
Hemsley Limited
BRILLIANT work from everyone involved.
Hemsley Limited
 like this.
Hemsley Limited
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