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Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
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Rachel Urquhart HR Limited · Human Resources Consultants · Based in Crewe
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We help you achieve the definitive win-win: engaged people driving outstanding performance.

Innovative and commercially savvy HR solutions, simply delivered.
What We Do

Organisations that actively plan and execute a people strategy will outperform those that do not. We help you design and implement a strategy for all areas related to your people – one that supports and furthers your organisational goals. And we make sure that this strategy engages and supports your people across all elements of a high performing organisation (strategy, culture, structure, people and work) in order to select the course that best propels your business.


Are your people all working toward the same goal? We help organisations drive improved business results by increasing organisational performance. We look at organisational structure, strategic alignment, leadership, employee engagement, culture, collaboration, and community to help you get your people energised, optimised and all working together.


Nearly everything about how we work has changed – including where, when and with whom. So, ask yourself: have your talent processes kept pace? Is your performance management really driving performance? Do you have visibility in to your people capabilities today and your needs for tomorrow? If not, our know how will help propel your talent practices to the forefront of the new world of work.

We help you to create a roadmap to drive business performance and improve employee productivity through all parts of the employee lifecycle.


Organisations are always in flux. New technologies, new processes, shifting models, new ways of working – the list goes on. We can’t help that, but we can help make sure your people excel during all that change. If you want that new research project to exceed your expectations, and you want your people engaged and ready for those changes, then you need change management.

We help your organisation excel under the pressures of business changes like technology implementations, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, multiple projects, and business process redesigns. We work with you to drive successful project adoption, create an agile, change-capable organisation, and develop a happy, engaged workforce.

What we do…

People Strategy Service

• Define a unique and impactful people strategy that is aligned with your business vision

• Implementation plans supporting the people strategy with measurable outcomes identified and tracked

• We connect the dots between all the key elements of a high-performance organisation (Strategy, Culture, Structure, People and Work) and your people and ensure all elements are woven through your organisation’s DNA

Organisation Performance Service

• Create an organisation design that is right for you

• Ensure your culture is enhancing your organisation and help you transform this as needed

• Leadership and team development

• Design workplace strategies so you and your people are ready for new ways of working including process and system reviews

• Design role frameworks and great jobs

Talent Management Service

• Talent strategy development

• Performance management training

• Build competency and capability models

• Talent planning, acquisition and on-boarding strategies

• HR team mentoring

• Advise on HR technology

Change Management Service

• Design and execute change management programmes

• Help alleviate change saturation

• Helping leaders lead through change

• Change management training

HR Operations

• HR – Policies and Procedures – Let’s get started

• HR – Best Practice Policy bundle

• People management advice

• Employment law advice

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve the definitive win-win.
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Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
Rachel Urquhart HR Limited
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