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Specialist Protection · Business Advisors · Based in Crewe
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We are Specialist Advisers in Business Protection.

We take time to understand your business and what is important to you. We will ascertain your needs before recommending a solution. We will only recommend a product that is suitable to meet your circumstances. We provide clear information about products and services. We are Specialists, so can find the best products for you.

We keep in touch regularly to ensure that the solutions we provide are right for you.

We will make recommendations about possible changes when needed.

We are a small team. Here to help you.

In most small and medium sized companies the success of the business depends on just one or two key people. If you’ve worked with these people for many years it’s easy to underestimate just how valuable they are, how much they know about the company, how many extra hours they put in. But we can never be sure what’s round the corner. Sometimes, without warning, life throws the unthinkable at us. And that’s why business protection is so important. You can’t predict what will happen in the future, but you can make sure you have the right protection in place to keep your business afloat if a key person becomes critically ill or dies.
What We Do
Ownership protection (or shareholder protection) is insurance which gives the owners of the business a cash sum to buy the share of a co-owner who becomes ill or dies.

Key person protection insures against the loss of profits that could result from the critical illness or death of a key person, by paying out a cash sum so the business can continue trading.

Loan protection insures a loan can be repaid on the death or critical illness of a key member of the business

If you are a company director and have life or life and critical illness cover to protect your family, you could be paying more tax than you need to. Relevant Life policies are a way of providing death-in-service benefits on an individual basis no matter how small your business is.

Relevant Life policies could suit higher paid directors, business owners and other employees who want high levels of life cover, with tax and other benefits that normally only apply to large group schemes.

Employee benefits are insurance policies that you can take out to protect your business and to provide a low cost way of providing extra benefits for your staff.

As an employer you may wish to provide extra benefits for your staff to show appreciation, to offer incentives or to provide a better package than your competitors. They can be a way of enticing people to come into your employment from a competitor or encourage the best people to join you.

These benefits are normally only suitable for companies that employ 10 or more people as the risk is spread across the number of people in the scheme, making them very cost effective.

Employee benefit schemes include Group Life Schemes, Group Income Protection Schemes, Group Critical Illness Schemes and Group Private Medical Insurance.
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Specialist Protection
Specialist Protection
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Specialist Protection
Great news for small businesses - tax effective solutions for all!
Specialist Protection
Specialist Protection
Specialist Protection
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