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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi
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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi · Leisure & Tourism · Based in Crewe
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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi was set up by Geoff Pike in 2015. Its aim it to deliver First Aid and Tai Chi courses to businesses and individuals in a relaxed friendly manner. Geoff is passionate about teaching both these topics, First Aid as he believes everyone would benefit from at the least, a basic knowledge of first aid and Tai Chi as it is wonderful low impact activity suitable for all ages and improves the health and well being of the individual.
What We Do
JGP First Aid and Tai Chi can offer a full range of First Aid courses to organisations:

Emergency First Aid at Work. A 1-day course

First Aid at Work Refresher. A 2-day course

First Aid at Work. A 3-day course

Basic Life Support and External Defibrillation. A 4-hour course

Paediatric 1-day and Paediatric 2-Day course

Sports First Aid 1-day and Sports First Aid 2-day course.

An ideal course if you run a sport team.

Outdoor First Aid. A 2-Day course

Ideal if you are an Instructor in any Outdoor Activity.

Medical Gases. A 4-hour course

Ideal if you use Oxygen or Entonox in your place of work

All these courses are fully certified and are run in a friendly relaxed manner.

Tai Chi and Qigong Courses

Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular in the West as people release the health benefits which include:

Enhancing the health of the nervous system and conditioning the reflex systems

Improving the condition of bones, joints and muscles and the ability to exercise

Strengthening the digestive system and improving the respiratory functions

Strengthening the heart, improving the condition of the blood vessels stimulating the internal energy.

Tai Chi is performed a slow rhythmic exercise appropriate for any level of fitness and any age range. Tai Chi is practised in any space small or large. All that is required is loose comfortable clothing.

Taster sessions for your business to try this wonderful activity either before or after work or during lunchtime can be organised.
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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi
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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi
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JGP First Aid & Tai Chi
JGP First Aid & Tai Chi
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