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Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd
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Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd · Educational Service · Based in Nantwich
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Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd is a Governance improvement company that specialises in working with school, charities and public services.
What We Do
We work with Non-Executives (School Governors, Charity Trustees, Councillors) and Governing Boards to improve skills, knowledge and confidence - to be able to make better decisions, leading to better outcomes for their customer base / pupils.

Our leading offer Shaping Governance®, is an award winning and proven governance improvement product that has been effective at improving school, charity and council scrutiny impact.

We also provide a suite of training, development, coaching and mentoring support for those in governance roles.
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Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd
School Governors needed!

Hi all, you may remember that in June I launched Step on Board to recruit and train those employees that want to gain board level experience for their career. The idea is that...