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IBD Internet Business Directory
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IBD Internet Business Directory · Website Designers · Based in Congleton
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IBD Internet Business Directory offers virtually unique advertising for small to medium enterprises. Your advert contains text and images relevant to your business, and is branded to fit your corporate image or website.

This means that YOUR BUSINESS is ONE click away from the search results and contains information about YOUR business, and nothing BUT your business – no third party advertising, and you are not in a list with your competition. Using proven SEO techniques, your advert is optimised to be found Locally, Regionally or Nationally as appropriate for your business. IBD has the facility to advertise a business in every reasonably sized town in the British Isles should that be appropriate. IBD does not promise page one Google, but most customers ARE page one for keywords relevant to their particular business.
What We Do
My real skill is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisaton. I used this to create IBD which is consistently the top ranked Internet Directory in the World for this search - internet business directory - it has been number one for most of the time, since January 2006.

IBD is the vehicle that drives my customers pages to page one Google, which to my mind, is far more important than my website being number 1.

You can search IBD, but it is not designed for that, I have set it up so that my customers businesses are found just one click from the search results - it could be YOUR business.

I use this skill to build websites for my customers.

I also use this skill to report on the SEO (or lack of it) for third party websites, and offer this as a stand alone service. It is rare that come across a website that I cannot improve in terms of SEO, but on the odd occasion that I do, I will say so.
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IBD Internet Business Directory
IBD Internet Business Directory
IBD Internet Business Directory
IBD Internet Business Directory
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