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Everything Dinosaur
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Everything Dinosaur · Retail (Other) · Based in Middlewich
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Formed in August 2005 Everything Dinosaur is a UK based retailer/wholesaler of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models, toys, clothing and games. Staffed by parents, teachers and real dinosaur experts the company provides assistance to schools, museums and other educational establishments.
What We Do

Everything Dinosaur specialises in the supply of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toy/hobby products and merchandise. Working in association with museums and other educational bodies the company aims to help young people learn about Earth sciences through their fascination with dinosaurs. Team members aim to create a market place for accurate, exciting, imaginative and educational products for young people.

  • Retailer of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and games
  • Sales of museum quality dinosaur models
  • Provider of National Curriculum themed dinosaur and fossil workshops in schools
  • Technical support for museums and exhibitions
  • Retailer of dinosaur themed children's clothing including T-shirts
  • Wholesale supplies of dinosaur and prehistoric animal products to schools, museums, universities and other educational bodies
  • Supplier of dinosaur merchandise to events overseas

Trained teaching staff conduct dinosaur themed teaching sessions in schools in accordance with National Curriculum science objectives and the company provides a wholesale service supplying dinosaur themed merchandise to museums, exhibitions and events.

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Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur
Most informative and interesting international trade forum this morning, my thanks to the speakers, the sponsor (Neon Freight) and the organisers. Well done to all.
Jacqui Morris
Great to see you Mike. Next event is November 7th and probably centred around India.
Everything Dinosaur
Recent Activity
"Thank you and your team for today's event. Let me know if you can do anything with the soft toys. We are pursuing Salvation Army and will offer them these items for Christmas. However, if you can use these soft toys, happy to give them to you." on Jacqui Morris's wall.
Donna Louise for Children and Young People.
I've just been on your website! Wow!!!! Literally Everything Dinosaur. Made my Day!!! Katie :-)
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Everything Dinosaur
Today's Cyber Crime breakfast seminar was most informative. The erudite speakers provided practical advice on how individuals can keep safe on-line and highlighted a number of simple steps to help pro...
Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur is moving away from the Magento platform in early 2017. Our website will be based on Woocommerce (Wordpress). We have complex international and domestic shipping issues. At the ...
Everything Dinosaur
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