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Crewe Town Council
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Crewe Town Council · Local Authorities/ Government · Based in Crewe
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Crewe Town Council aims to be a strong voice representing the best interests of the people of the town. It was formed in April 2013. There are 20 local Councillors, elected every 4 years. The Council meets 6 times a year, and meetings are open to the public. One of the Councillors takes on the role of the Mayor of Crewe for civic ceremonial purposes. The Council is supported by five staff.

The role of the council is to

1. Represent the interests of Crewe in the region and to other bodies such as Cheshire East Council

2. Within the powers and resources available, seek to improve the quality of life of Crewe residents

3. Build community capacity and community pride
What We Do
Following intensive engagement with the local community, the Town Council has adopted a Community Plan " A Vision for Crewe" which identifies our priorities for Crewe and drives the Council's activities. These activities include:

- Arranging events such as the Christmas programme in the Town Centre, and the trAction Crewe event.

- Working with Cheshire East Council on making the Town Centre an attractive place through the Crewe Ranger and longer term regeneration projects.

- Working with statutory and voluntary organisations to improve the quality of life for local residents, for example in addressing health and social isolation, litter and flytipping, and developing arts and cultural activity.

- Lobbying strongly to ensure that HS2 delivers the greatest possible benefits for the town.

- Supporting the Crewe Pledge to ensure that young people are aware of all the opportunities for work, education and training that are available, and to help employers to work with and recruit young people.

- wWrking with local businesses to promote Crewe

The Town Council is also responsible for managing allotments.
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