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Boston Transport Planning
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Boston Transport Planning · Engineering (Design) · Based in Nantwich
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Boston Transport Planning provide specialised ‘highways and traffic’ assistance, guidance and ‘cost effective’ advice for developers, landowners and prospective purchasers of land and building for development opportunities who would seek to assist you on planning applications, planning appeals, strategic impact studies and local planning work.

We assist the following clients:-

Automotive, Business, Education, Employment, Energy, Financial Services, Industrial, Leisure, Mixed Use, Residential, Renewables Retail including Sui Generis land uses whilst working alongside Town Planning, Environmental and Architectural Professional Practices.
What We Do
Being based in Stapeley near Nantwich, we are seeking to work alongside local planners/architects/land developers to grow our reputation and reciprocate business opportunities, leads and referrals. Our services are listed below:-

• On-Plot Car Parking / On-Street Parking Stress surveys /Layout Design Studies;

• Negotiations with Local Highway Authorities (lower on-site parking

provision/traffic and car parking surveys/trip generation);

• Site Access/ Masterplanning/ Feasibility Studies;

• Sustainable Travel Studies;

• Traffic Modelling & Junction Assessments;

• Transport Statements/Assessments/Highway Technical Notes;

• TRICS Land Use Trip Generation for Developments & Strategic Land Use Planning

Advice and Support;

• Vehicle Swept Path Analysis (Bus/Car/Coach/Fire Engine/HGV/Refuse/Van); and

• Vehicular Site Access with limited visibility splays – use of Automatic Traffic

Counters/ Speed Surveys for potentially agreeing lower stopping sight distances

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Boston Transport Planning
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