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Arctec Group Ltd
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Arctec Group Ltd · Business Support Services · Based in Cheshire
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At Arctec, we help businesses get the most out of their data.

We do this by providing more insight into how they are performing through on demand data analytics, so that justified decisions can be made faster. In doing so, businesses will also;

Save Time which can be Reinvested Elsewhere

Save Money by Identifying Areas to Improve

Increase Revenue by Unlocking Unknown Value

Have Access Anywhere, Anytime Reporting

We only use trusted software from world renowned companies like Microsoft and Tableau, so you can be assured you are in safe hands and your most valuable asset is fully protected.

We can work with you from the point of capturing key data right up to using it to make key decisions to drive your business forward. As Arctec are able to provide more structure to the data you capture by building databases to store your key information.

Arctec have partnered up with a new database technology firm called Ninox.

Ninox is a database platform that operates in the cloud. This means that from the beginning, all of your data is securely stored off site and also allows for easy collaboration between users in firms running different operating systems (like Windows, Mac etc).

So if you’re the type of company that is looking to grow and wants to make the most of what they already have, then we would love to hear from you.
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Arctec Group Ltd
Arctec Group Ltd
Are you still spending a lot of time in spreadsheets? Moving information between the same tools everyday??… Well there is another way!..
Arctec Group Ltd
Our 2nd Kinect event will be taking place tomorrow morning! Final call for anyone who has not yet signed up!
Arctec Group Ltd
Just over 2 weeks to go until our next Kinect event at The Kinderton in Middlewich. If you didn't get chance to come along to our first one, you can get an idea of what to expect from this short video...
Arctec Group Ltd
You can't beat a good superhero film! But which of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done the best at the box office so far? We worked with some data on worldwide takings to find out! If you are...
Arctec Group Ltd
Who says you need a load of data before you get any insight? Take 65 rows in a spreadsheet and see how Kinect went!
Arctec Group Ltd
Arctec Group Ltd
Arctec Group Ltd
Just a reminder about the upcoming event that Arctec are supporting in Middlewich; aimed at getting local businesses to meet. If you are looking to meet new businesses, then please come along at the...
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Arctec Group Ltd
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